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Latest Mathematics education methods are shifting towards the use of technology-assisted methods to get a better understanding of mathematical concepts. These resources range from graphic tools (like Geogebra, Desmos) that can simulate equations to video presentations that keep students interested and love the subject. However, traditional methods and approaches are not to be ignored. Traditional approaches have assisted students to sharpen their imagination skills in the absence of these gadgets.

In Edugraff, we strike a balance, constantly towards finding new methods while also adapting proven methods to help students with Mathematics. Interactive whiteboard sessions provide a live tutor to match with your pace and a recording of all sessions for revision and reflection. 

Online maths tutoring at Edugraff are most effective by helping students build a rapport with the tutor and start to interact more openly. With continuous feedback and allocation of selective content to each student, the edugraff way of online tutoring is constantly improving with the student in focus. Our online maths tutoring in India offers support for all syllabuses including CBSE/  ICSE/ IB / GCSE/ SAT/ AP/ Cambridge IGCSE and more.

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Mathematics is a subject that enhances the learning ability of students and improves the analytical skills that help them in a wider range of related and unrelated subjects. Currently, online mathematics tuition classes in India are based on a structured curriculum and repeated exercises that help to improve the ability to think, duplicate and be faster. This approach has changed and has progressed to make the students think, understand, enquire, model, research and investigate starting from primary school levels. 

This approach also helps students to consider Maths as a tool that they can relate to real life. In High School, students continue to develop these skills with a specialization stream in mind. The specialisation area could be any pure Maths, Computing, Engineering, Sciences or latest digital technologies. The students who do not specialise in Maths also find it as a necessary basic skill needed in day to day life, including basic business applications.


The leading curricula in India:   CBSE/ ICSE/ IB / IGCSE and various State syllabuses cater to the different persona of students in cities, towns and villages.

Parents and students need the support to understand Maths in a way that can help them build a career. This starts with building up a love for the subject and its benefits, leading to pathways for various careers or by choosing the specialisation that suits each student. As a leading online maths tutoring in India, we understand that each student is different and needs different treatment when they try to understand the concepts that are taught in class. We have a program that is flexible in terms of choice of right tutors and of the pace and the selective content as needed. 

Contact us if you are looking for best online Maths tutoring in India; we will aid you acquire a better knowledge in Maths and boost your learning capabilities in other learning fields as well.

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