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Edugraff offers interactive online chemistry tutoring in India, specially designed to provide a convenient and helpful alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar tutoring with live, in-person online chemistry tutors. At Edugraff, we provide personalized online Chemistry classes to help our students grasp the concepts easily and score better grades in exams. More than just syllabus teaching, we provide in-depth and comprehensive coverage of different areas in Chemistry for an extensive learning. 

At Edugraff, we aim to supplement curriculum-based learning by reinforcing the concept of learning by doing and encouraging inter-disciplinary knowledge. Students are guided based on their curriculum and given insights that trigger further thinking and a better understanding of the concepts. This is particularly convenient in an online, interactive environment where the sessions are well organised, accessible, customised and the learning content is targeted to a particular learner.

Live Online Chemistry Tuition Classes in CBSE, CISCE, IGCSE

Chemistry is one of the key components of STEM subjects and has wide application in industries, medicine, food and environmental studies. Chemistry education at the School level prepares students for higher studies in related disciples and careers. In Indian schools, chemistry in India is taught under various boards including CBSE, CISE, Stateboards under each State and International models like International Baccalaureate(IB)  and IGCSE. 

Learning Chemistry Online

The New education policy (NEP) by the Indian government gives much emphasis to chemistry education, aiming to extend the benefits of applied knowledge stream from School level to Higher learning. The NEP categorically stresses the need for change in education methods by linking disciples resulting in the overall development of the learners. The policy is against early specialisation trends, by separating the disciples like chemistry from other disciplines like Social Science and  Environmental studies. NEP has a long way to go in its implementation but has the potential to create inter-disciplinary skills which will be a valuable human skill resulting in overall development. 

The National Council Framework 2005, discourages the practice of learning the topics by memorising without linking to real life. NCF aims to improve the way chemistry is taught in schools by a holistic approach

The best practice in teaching chemistry online is to help students to learn by doing. Students develop practical skills and link to various applications in real life. For example, the IGCSE syllabus provides clarity on the learning objectives, links the related topics and also provides guidelines for teachers to plan activities by themselves. This gives a higher level of autonomy and generates creativity and better involvement of teachers in the teaching process. 

Why Edugraff?

Edugraff brings a personal touch to the online learning environment with our tutoring platform, which takes students certainly to the next level of knowledge. Live online chemistry tuition ensures personalized attention for students, letting students clear their doubts with our expert chemistry tutors. Our online Chemistry classes are empowered with whiteboard sessions and recorded videos to help students comprehend the concepts easily and effectively. So, master Chemistry with the help of Edugraff’s live chemistry online tuition by experienced teachers. 

Learn from our Chemistry experts and strengthen your knowledge with our online chemistry tutoring in India. Join now for an exclusive chemistry online tuition class for students.

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