Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Which classes and subjects are covered for online tutoring ?

Online Tutoring for High School students (Grades: 1 to 11&12) 

CBSE,  ICSE, IGCSE, all State boards for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and all Sciences.

International curriculum : IB, SAT, AP, Australian curriculum.

Competitive entrance exam support : NEET , IIT JEE (main), IIT JEE (advanced)

Subjects include Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Science.


2. Do you have only one on one tutoring ?Do you offer group online tutoring ?

Yes, We focus on one on tutoring focussing on the specific need of each child.

We can also provide group tutoring on certain topics which will need to organised based on popular demand. 


3. Do you offer online classes for complete year ?

We offer classes for short term and also long term as per need.


4.Do you offer face to face classes in a class-room ?

Unfortunately, we do not offer face to face classes.


5.What are the qualifications of your tutors ?

We choose tutors who are experienced in online tutoring with qualifications like B.Tech, M.Tech, MSc. We also provide guidance to tutors with content and best practices.


6. How many classes are taken per week ?

We offer flexibility to learn as many classes as needed based on the student’s needs , starting from a single class per week


7. Is there any refund if student wishes to discontinue ?

In the unlikely chance of a student wishing to discontinue, we will refund the amount for which classes were not availed. There will be no refund for classes that has been taken.


8.What about missed classes ?

You will not charge you for missed classes if you  organise with Tutor or the co-ordinators to reschedule in case you cannot attend. If a tutor cannot take a class due to emergencies, this will be informed to you by email.


9. How does the process work ?

a.  Our consultant will discuss your specific needs and organise a suitable tutor to assess your needs further. You will also be able to view tutor details in the platform including a sample session. Based your needs, plan and budget, we will propose the most suitable path for you.

b.  You then make a deposit towards your account using your credit/ debit card and start consuming the credit as you progress with your classes.

c.  You pay a monthly payment based on the number of sessions.

d.  You always need a credit of atleast one session with us to continue with a session.

e.  You can always contact us and get support in case you need to change the pace of the class or any other concerns.

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