CBSE Online Training

The popularity of the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) can be estimated by the fact that the number of schools affiliated with CBSE has gone up from a little over 1300 in 1970 to over 20,000 in 2018. This includes almost 16,000 independent schools, about 1000 Kendriya Vidyalayas, and 3000 government-aided schools among others. Created with the aim of setting a uniform benchmark of secondary evaluation, CBSE conducts the All India Higher Secondary Examination so that, firstly, students whose parents are in transferable jobs or move around the country can fit into the schooling system in any state, as there are more number of CBSE affiliated schools than other boards, secondly, they can set up a beacon for state boards to follow and thirdly, to have a standardised system for universities to have a common pool of students seeking admission to them.


Edge over other boards: 

CBSE also conducts entrance examinations for higher studies in medical and technical colleges, along with qualifying exams for teachers. The board conducts training for capacity building and empowerment on a regular basis, on a variety of topics ranging from academics and pedagogy  to behaviour management, at a nominal charge to encourage teachers to keep updating their knowledge base. The CBSE syllabus is compact and mainly theoretical, with more stress on Mathematics and Science, which gives the students studying under this board an edge in competitive exams like NEET and IIT-JEE. CBSE does not give preference to  any one language. Besides, CBSE has many scholarships and also caters to students with special learning abilities. 
The board awards and encourages participation and excelling in co-scholastic areas too, for a holistic and healthy development of each child. 


Why Edugraff:

Although, CBSE schools are many, and as a result, there are many coaching options available to students, Edugraff has an edge over other tutoring houses because it offers one on one and small group  coaching to its students. This is extremely beneficial for students as they get the undivided attention of the teacher and can ask questions without hesitation or peer pressure. SInce many of the Edugraff tutors are or have been teaching under the CBSE curriculum, they are proficient with the pattern of teaching and assessment. This ensures that students are prepared to crack the exams using the numerous worksheets and mock tests based on previous year examination patterns. 


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