Edugraff online tutors

Edugraff emerged as an online tutoring company that helps  K12 students to overcome their pain areas in academics by providing the exact resources they need. Edugraff is an initiative by NITian with more than 25 years in various fields including Technology Management and Stem tutoring. Driving force behind the venture is his passion to support young children and teenagers of all levels. In edugraff, we focus on providing one to one live sessions, thus adding value to the school curriculum by supplementing it. For those who aspire to excel, the adaptive process leads them to challenge themselves. The tutors are from reputed institutions, carefully chosen to be highly adaptive to deliver online live classes.

Edugraff provides personalised online tuition, mentoring and coaching to students from Class 6 to Class 10 and gives special focus on Classes 11 & 12. The program is highly flexible which means the number of sessions can be scaled up or down as per need.

Comprehensive support to High School students of all curriculum :

CBSE,  ICSE, IGCSE, all State boards for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and all Sciences.

International curriculum: IB, SAT, SAT 1, Advanced Placement, Australian curriculum.

Competitive entrance exam support: NEET, JEE (main), JEE (advanced).

Once enrolled, the students receive a series of custom scheduled sessions from an approved private one to one tutor. Students need to have a good internet connection. Students can access our interactive whiteboard to attend the sessions on their PC at the convenience of their own homes. Recorded sessions help students to revise the past sessions and prepare well

Sessions are generally one on one,  group sessions will be offered from time to time as needed. Students are encouraged to communicate with their teacher about any questions or doubts using the Edugraff account. We continuously assess the student and adapt our e-tutoring to meet their needs.

We believe that every child has a right to reach their full potential. We also understand that each child is different. So we engage with each student with an adaptive approach. This involves the collection of student's exercises, their school plan, schedule of tests. The teacher gets to know the student's strengths and weaknesses and builds up a strategy to reach their goals. This kind of approach will take a few months to take effect as the teacher and student gets to know each other better. We encourage student and parent participation to share more academic information and ambitions or goals pertaining to the student.

We are in the process of continuously changing with the needs of modern education methodology to prepare students for the jobs of the future. This includes the use of technology to personalise education to each student. We aim to help each student to attain the much needed life skill, of a life long learner.

 In order to unleash the child’s full potential, we join hands with parents to nurture their academic dreams, helping them to pursue their academic interests with our resources.



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