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Science is the human activity of intellectually and practically exploring and studying the universe and finding testable explanations and predictions. High School students learn General Sciences before specialising in branches of Physics, Chemistry and Biological Science and other Sciences. A good foundation in experimentation and exploration of the fundamentals of Science prepare students for specialised branches.

Science education at the School level aims to generate interest in students by connecting the curriculum content with real-world examples and encouraging students to be participants rather than just being at the receiving end. The National Council for Education Research and Training develops the learning content based on National Council Framework 2005, which aims to discourage mere bookish learning and create a connection between school, home, and community. This is particularly important for Science education and the method by which it is taught in schools. At Edugraff, we provide online Science tutoring to help the students learn, practise, experience and apply the concepts they have learned. 

Live Science Tuition Classes for CBSE, CISCE, IGCSE, IB Students

Apart from the State-based curriculum of each State, a vast majority of the students in India follow the syllabus of the Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE) and that of The Council for the Indian Schools Certificate Examination ( CISCE). However, the number of Schools under the Cambridge model, IGCSE  and International models, that is, International Baccalaureate ( IB)  are increasing in India, setting higher standards in Science education to a relatively lower number of students in India. 

Well executed Science education at the School level alongside the practice of ethical application of science considering the environmental impact will create the next generation of citizens with a growth mindset and Scientific temperament. Well-implemented Science education is also expected to be the backbone of nation-building by the development of related industries. The Schools and teachers are assigned with the great responsibility of releasing this objective as the implementation happens at the school level. 

Curriculum Based Learning

The centralised curricula have been followed rather stringent by schools which have resulted in a lack of autonomy to teachers in adjusting the learning content to the local, Socio-cultural background of the students in a school. The chasm found in the implementation is due to the shortage of skills required to implement the activities and the lack of facilities to provide the attention needed. There is a huge gap in the needs vs demand for the required skills and facilities. Through our online Science tuition classes, we make sure that each student is getting effectively trained to ace the exam with a good score. 

Offering online science tutoring in India, Edugraff’s mission is to fill this gap to the extent possible. Students are given a chance to bring out their creative thoughts and discuss it with their online science tutors who take the role of mentors. Edugraff online science tutors are quick to realise the talent and guide the student in their path based on their aptitude and in setting their goals.

To strengthen your knowledge in Science, Join our live online science tuition classes. Your location doesn't matter, We accept students from anywhere across India. Our expert science tutors in India will help you to establish a competitive edge in cracking the science subject.

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