ICSE IV Science

ICSE IV Science Course

  • Curriculum :  ICSE
  • Grade :  IV
  • Subject :  Science
  • Type :  One To One
  • Summary :  The science concepts taught in Class 4 ICSE Science Tuition Classes help to create an interest and curiosity for students.

Course Description :

Edugraff tutors have included animations and video sessions in their live ICSE IV Science Tuition classes to make the class interesting and informative to students. Students observe plants, animals and other aspects of nature with great interest. This is the base for creating the science curriculum for primary classes. Adaptations in plants and animals, their importance in an ecosystem, the various organs and organ systems of the human body, air and its components, solutions and mixtures and their separation techniques along with simple explanations of forces like friction are the topics covered in class 4 to inculcate a love for science and nature. 



Theme 1: Human Body: Food we Eat

  • Food for Growth
  • Components of Food
  • Balanced Diet
  • Care of Food to Avoid Wastage

Theme 2: Human Body: The Teeth

  • Types of Teeth and Their Location
  • Structure and Functions of Each Kind of Tooth
  • Labelled Diagram of Parts of a Tooth
  • Care of Teeth and Gums
  • Importance of Regular Dental Check-ups
  • Importance of Regular Dental Care Habits
  • Role of Food in the Development of Healthy Teeth and Gums

Theme 3: Human Body: The Digestive and Excretory Systems

  • Organs of the Digestive System
  • Role of Water in Digestion

Theme 4: Adaptations in Animals

  • Need for Adaptation in Animals
  • Reasons for Adaptation
  • Adaptations on Land, in Water with Examples
  • Adaptation in Modification of Body Parts
  • Care and Concern for Animals

Theme 5: Adaptations in Plants

  • Need for Adaptation in Plants
  • Adaptation of Plants (with Examples)

Theme 6: Plants in the Surroundings and Environment

  • Parts of Plants and Their Uses
  • Roots, Kinds of Roots, Their Functions and Examples
  • Shoots and its Function
  • Functions of the Leaf
  • Iodine Test for Presence of Starch in Leaves
  • Products Obtained from Plants

Theme 7: Air

  • Properties of Air
  • Composition of Air
  • Process of Breathing and Burning
  • Causes of Air Pollution
  • Measure to Prevent Air Pollution

Theme 8: Materials and Solutions

  • Definition and Examples of Solute, Solvent and Solution
  • Soluble and Insoluble Substances with Examples
  • Methods of Separation

Theme 9: Light

  • Sources of light; Natural & Artificial
  • Luminous and Non-Luminous Objects
  • Properties of Light
  • Transparent, Translucent and Opaque Objects
  • Formation of Shadows

Theme 10: Measurement

  • Need for Measurement
  • Measurement in Daily Life
  • Instruments used for Measurement, How to use/read them

Theme 11: Push and Pull

  • Difference between Push and Pull
  • Examples of Each
  • Force
  • Types of Forces

Theme 12: Friction as a Force

  • Concept & Meaning of Friction
  • How to Reduce Friction
  • Uses of Friction
  • Harmful Effects of Friction
  • Examples of Friction

Methodology in Class 4 ICSE Science Tuition 

The main teaching technique used for teaching in Class 6 ICSE Science Tuition  primary classes by the competent Edugraff teaching staff is learning by experience. The science topics are explained in context with their practical occurrence. This is strengthened by one-on-one teaching to ensure every child gets full attention of the teacher. 

Learn Science from Grade 4 Online Tutors

With our online tuition classes for ICSE Science Grade 4, students learn that all living things adapt and most of these adaptations are for survival. Sample papers designed by the Edugraff teachers are comprehensive and ensure a complete evaluation which ensures that students walk out with crystal clear concepts and confidence to tackle the challenges of the next class.



Why is it important to solve sample papers?

Solving sample papers gives a complete revision so when you attempt the actual examinations, you are confident with not only the subject matter but also the pattern of the question paper. This leads to a well attempted paper and high scores.

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