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Edugraff offers exclusive online Physics tutoring in India, through which aims to provide an expedient and more suitable alternative to the ordinary brick-and-mortar tutoring with new age in-depth and personalized live online Physics tutors. At Edugraff, we provide individual live online Physics classes to help students to grasp the concepts more quickly and achieve good grades in exams. 

Physics is the science that explores the mysteries of the world around us and is closely tied with other Sciences and Mathematical concepts in the quest of man to explain various phenomena. Teaching Physics at High School levels will prepare the student to acquire the thinking skills needed for further learning. Physics is taught using a combination of lectures, laboratory experiments to validate the concepts and demonstrations. Students learn to think of what are the expected outcomes in various scenarios in nature and interpret the physical world. 

Learning Physics Online

Online Physics tutoring offered by Edugraff creates an environment in which students observe, interact, conduct trials and computer simulations. The resulting outcome is that of learners discovering and owning knowledge that is their own. 

High School Physics curriculum in India is taught by various boards including CBSE, CISE, different State Boards and International curricula like IGCSE and IB (International Baccalaureate).

Preparing Physics teachers of high calibre is the way to impart quality education that meets the expectations of finding the truth about us and the world around us. At Edugraff, we participate in this journey with the great minds among the teaching community, joining with the mainstream education systems by collaborating and contributing in our role as mentors. 

How To Register?

Students can register online physics tutoring through our website. Anybody can request a demo class. Once you register, our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Why Edugraff for Online Physics Tutoring in India?

Edugraff’s online Physics tutors are mindful of the fact that Physics must be taught by validating the laws by experimentation and logic. We strive to develop the analytical mind in students sometimes by challenging them or hand-holding them as per the need of the individual student.

Students are invited to join our live and most interactive online Physics tutoring classes in india. Edugraff prepares students for applying their skills in physics. Learn from Our expert online physics tutors and strengthen your knowledge.

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Competitive Exam Preparation: 

One to One Physics sessions for IIT JEE Main, IIT JEE Advanced, NEET, SAT, SAT1, Advanced placement

Physics CBSE Curriculum

Grade XI | Grade XII


Physics ICSE Curriculum

Grade X | Grade XI


Physics State Board Curriculum

Grade XI | Grade XII


Physics IB Curriculum

MYP 4 Physics | MYP 5 Physics | Diploma Standard Level | Diploma Higher Level


Physics SAT Curriculum

SAT 2 Physics


Physics JEE MAIN Curriculum

Grade VII | Grade XI | Grade XII


Physics JEE Advanced Curriculum

Grade XI | Grade XII


Physics NEET Curriculum

Grade XI | Grade XII


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