Become a tutoring partner with Edugraff

Become a tutoring partner with Edugraff

Edugraff has introduced innovative income streams for its Tutors. Using a basic tutor account, you can contact us to operate as a tutoring partner.We have been the leading online tutoring platform in India, offering quality education to students around the world. Now you can explore the optimally designed platform for delivering your classes. We would be happy to be your partner in the endeavor to render excellent coaching and dedicated online classes.This offer is currently offered to Tutors based in India.

Edugraff, India, has an extensive panel of qualified tutors in India. This is the best opportunity to become a tutor and establish a parallel revenue stream. Opportunities come infrequently. It is best to grab them before it is too late.

Do you want to become a tutor or tutoring partner with Edugraff, India?

.Join us by following a few simple steps. 

Explore this Opportunity and Become a Successful Tutor in India. 

Become a tutor or enhance your tutoring business with exceptional support and guidance from us. You can enrol with us if you are a qualified tutor holding a valid PAN card. Pick whether you want to associate with us as a tutor or tutoring partner, explore our tutoring partner platform service, or start a tutoring enterprise.

Tutor: It is so simple to become a tutor by joining hands with Edugraff, India. You only have to share your educational qualifications and experience and demonstrate your calibre. As per government regulations, you must have a valid PAN and of course a Bank account in India.

The procedure for joining us as a tutor is:

  • Register yourself as a tutor on our website. Fill in the necessary information to complete the registration process.
  • Update your profile with info regarding your educational qualifications, experience, stream of education, and so on. Upload the documents substantiating your claim.
  • Share a demo video showing your teaching skills and method of teaching with us.

Once we receive your application, the expert team at Edugraff will analyse it. Register at Edugraff as a tutor. Our team would examine your documents, assess the teaching methodology based on the demo you share, and determine your inclusion as a tutor.Only eligible tutors would be included in our panel. No need to pay any joining fee. You are ready to tutor hundreds of students from around the country.

Note: The chances of your success solely depends on your commitment. Please make sure to upload a professional photograph of yours and a detailed description , showing experience , qualification. Also take time to enter all the courses that you wish to tutor. Your details will appear in the website with a link for the students to book you. You can enhance your chances by having a demo video lesson as part of the profile. Please contact us to help you with this. 

Tutoring Partner Referral

All approved tutors can request to operate as referral partners.This add-on facility is exclusively for the existing Edugraff tutors. So, first, you need to become a tutor with us.

Pursue the following steps to become a tutoring referral partner:

  • Register as a tutor , complete your entire profile and contact us to become a referral partner.
  • Refer a student to us. We do not charge any joining fee for becoming a tutoring partner. For each student joining us through you, we would pay you ₹50 for each session of the referred student as a referral fee.

You are welcome to join Edugraff. Fill out the form now.

Tutoring Partner Platform Service:

You can opt for this add-on option if you are a registered tutor with us. The tutoring partner platform service is ideal for those looking for an interactive and well-designed online tutoring platform. Reach out to more students around the country through our meticulously crafted digital platform.

The steps for this program are:

  • Register as a tutor with Edugraff and complete all details.
  • Contact Edugraff to register your students with us. You can utilise the online features like integrated whiteboard, recorded sessions, , upload various study materials for each student using the edugraff account. You need to pay ₹ 50 to Edugraff for each session of the student enrolled by you.

Augment your growth by connecting with more students through the highly interactive and diligently designed interactive platform. The tutoring partner platform service is intended for mutual growth and success. Get in touch with us to discuss this scheme.

Tutoring Enterprise: A white-labelled tutoring business, Tutoring Enterprise would be customized based on our mutual understanding. We can discuss and reach a final agreement on this partnering program.

This is a great way to build your own online tutoring business. It is recommended to use one of the above partnering options to gain some familiarity with the platform before jumping into a stand alone business. 

Edugraff: The Right Tutoring Platform For You

Edugraff, India presently has a panel of qualified and experienced tutors. Implementing a proven interactive teaching methodology, they have been ensuring great results. We have earned extensive reach and strong credibility by rendering result-oriented classes.

We are now looking for professional tutors to join us, to meet the increasing requirements. More students, from around the country, are joining us daily. We need additional tutors to make the classes more productive and efficient. That is why we have initiated this tutoring partner and tutor program.

You can become a tutor with us and establish an exceptionally paid revenue stream. Multiple options await those who want to explore the world of teaching and coaching. Become a tutor or tutoring partner with Edugraff. Or explore our tutoring platform to provide advanced teaching sessions to your students. We charge only a nominal fee for using the platform, study materials, and online digital solutions.

By becoming associated with us, you are boosting your growth. succeed by delivering quality tuition to students around India. We are there to support you in every step. Our professional team would assist you in optimizing the sessions and making it more productive.

You may call us or post a query to know more about the programs we offer to tutors in India. 

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