Small Group Sessions

Small group tutoring adopts the methods of one-to-one tutoring for a relatively small group of students with a comparable level of understanding. Small group tutors in edugraff follow a pedagogical approach by setting ground rules for the session, introducing the topic, explaining using a series of teaching aids or whiteboards, debriefing, and encouraging participation. Small group sessions have the advantage of personal attention and targeted learning based on the group’s needs. Students develop interpersonal and communication skills. Online Tutors also find it beneficial to allow students to interact with each other. 


Small group sessions encourage students to engage in self-directed learning, learn from peers, and understand various approaches and methods adopted by their peers on a topic. It is also fun and motivating to learn among groups of like-minded students. Other benefits of learning in small groups include becoming more open-minded to new ideas and identifying new skills adapted to various situations. It also prepares students to be equipped with developing soft skills and get ready for the workforce.


Research shows that students learn better while learning with other well-performing students. Students who hang out with students with better grades get motivated to learn. Such small group interactions result in overall high grades for most students in the group and enhance student synergy.




For small group courses, Edugraff limits the class size to under six students. Online Tutors provide content uploaded to the whiteboard during the session or provide pre-reading material, assignments, and assessments via the Learning Hub. Various courses are offered based on student feedback and demand, either in the form of ongoing regular sessions or short monthly courses 


All students will have access to the recordings of all their course sessions. If a student misses a session, they will have the opportunity to review the recordings. Separate one-to-one sessions may be arranged for students who need additional support, based on the tutor’s availability

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