Online Tutoring Jobs in India

Benefits: Home Based Online Tutoring Jobs

  1. Free Registration.
  2. Flexibility: Timing of sessions are solely based on your availability and that of students.
  3. Rewarding: Part-time online tutoring jobs helps you to monetise your time effectively.
  4. Work from anywhere operating own business.
  5. Web application to support you with interactive Whiteboard and recordings.
  6. You get detailed financial report of your earnings.
  7. Opportunity for self-improvement based on feedback and review.
  8. Minimum investment: Best online tutoring job in India with extra investment on a digital pen.

How To Apply

Register as a teacher and kick start the process to start online tuition from home.

Relevant qualifications and Prior experience in online tutoring are essential. Please email your latest resume to Edugraff, highlighting your strength in tutoring. The below points can be used as a reference.


1. State briefly how you explain difficult topics effectively to students.

2. How much time do you utilise to summarise a topic?

3. What are the techniques used to keep the class busy and engaged throughout the session?

4. How do you encourage the students to think further after the session?

5. How do you manage to help with School work?

6. How do you assess students?

7. What techniques are used to encourage the students to ask more questions?

Here is a Guide to complete the registration as online teacher.

A course for online tutors: Best practices

Edugraff has collated our knowledge gained in online tutoring over the years and has created a course for tutors. Originally aimed at internal training, we have decided to provide access to online tutor aspirants. 

If you are looking to improve your online tutoring skills or facing a lack of confidence in live tutoring, get in touch with us for help. Contact us or call  790 2350 323 

Learn To Teach Online:

Edugraff offers a comprehensive course for those who want to start a tutoring career online. Online tutoring is something different when compared to offline tutoring. Online tutors required additional skills, and more exposure to the technologies to take online classes.

Thus Online course for teachers offered by Edugraff will walk you through the process of figuring out how internet technologies can help you improve your course design. You'll have the chance to improve your knowledge of good online teaching practices and how they relate to the usage of various technologies.



How To Start Online Tuition From Home: Best Practices

A guide for teachers to start off as Online tutors and existing online tutors to explore their self development options, please refer to the Guide to Online tutoring : India. 

Looking for mentoring support to hone your online tutoring skills? Please register your interest with us on 790 2350 323 

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