ICSE VII Mathematics

ICSE VII Mathematics

  • Curriculum :  ICSE
  • Grade :  VII
  • Subject :  Mathematics
  • Type :  One To One
  • Summary :  Class 7 ICSE involves a comprehensive study focusing on basic concepts and their widespread application. Mathematics in Class 7 is one of the most difficult subjects compelling a student to build a strong foundation base. It is in this year that students need to thoroughly understand the ideas communicated because they will be repeated in higher classes. If the student loses concentration this year then mathematics tends to become the most dreaded subject.

Course Description :

The first step to successful preparation is to know and understand the syllabus. Having a good knowledge of the subject helps the students to know about the pattern of the examination, as well as allows students to manage time for the subject. It includes themes (Topic) and subtopics that students need to learn in a given time frame. The recommended Mathematics book is Essentials ICSE Mathematics for Class 7 by Bharati Bhavan/A.D. Gupta & A. Kumar, ICSE Mathematics Class 7 published by Full Marks, ICSE Guided Mathematics Class 7 by Abhijit Mukherjee and Longman ICSE Mathematics Class 7 by V.K. Sehgal.


Theme 1: Integers
·       Multiplication and division of Integers
·       Properties of operations on integers
                 ·       Commutativity, associativity, the existence of an identity, inverse, and distributivity
·      Problem-solving using operations on integers  


Theme 2: Fractions and decimals
·       Introduction to Rational Numbers
·       Decimal Representation of Rational numbers
·       Problem-solving using operations on rational numbers and fractions
·       Fraction as an operator          
·       Multiplication and division of decimal fractions
·       Exponents only natural numbers
·       Revision of idea of sets
·       Equal, equivalent, and universal sets
Theme 3: Data Handling
·       Mode of ungrouped data –understanding what they represent
·       Collection and organization of data  
·       Representative value
·       Arithmetic mean, mode and median
·       Use of bar graphs with a different purpose
·       Chance and probability

Theme 4: Simple Equations
·       Setting and solving up equations and their application to practical situations

Theme 5: Lines and Angles
·       Related angles
                 ·       Complimentary
                 ·       Supplementary
                 ·       Adjacent angles
                 ·       Linear pair
                 ·       Vertically Opposite angles
·       Pair of lines  
                 ·       Intersecting lines
                 ·       Transversals
                 ·       Angles made by a transversal
                 ·       Transversal of parallel lines
·       Checking for parallel lines  
Theme 6: Triangles and their properties
           ·      Medians, altitudes, exterior angle, angle sum property
           ·      Two special triangle : Equilateral and Isosceles

           ·      Sum of the length of two sides of a triangle
           ·      Right-angled triangles and Pythagoras Property

Theme 7: Congruence of Triangles
            ·   Congruence of
            ·   Plane figures
            ·   Among line segments   
            ·   Angles  
            ·   Triangles  
            ·    Right-angled Triangles  
            ·    Criteria of congruence

Theme 8: Comparing Quantities
           ·       Equivalent ratios
           ·       Percentage and its use
           ·       Computation of Profit/Loss
           ·       Simple interest problems
Theme 9: Rational Numbers
             ·       Positive and Negative
             ·       Rational numbers on a number line
             ·       Rational numbers in standard form
             ·       Comparison and operations

Theme 10: Practical Geometry
             ·       Constructions of lines and triangles

Theme 11: Perimeter and Area
             ·       Squares, Rectangles, Parallelogram, Triangle, Circle

Theme 12: Algebraic expression
             ·       Like and unlike terms
             ·       Monomials, Binomials ,Trinomials and Polynomials
             ·       Addition and subtraction
             ·       Finding value of an expression
             ·       Formulas and rules

Theme 13: Exponents and Powers
             ·       Laws
             ·       Miscellaneous examples
             ·       Decimal number system
             ·       Expressing large numbers in standard form

Theme 14: Symmetry
             ·       Lines of symmetry (regular polygons)
             ·       Rotational symmetry

Theme 15: Visualizing Solid Shapes    
             ·       Faces, Edges, and Vertices
             ·       Nets for building shades 3-D shapes
             ·       Drawing solid on a flat surface
             ·       Viewing different sections of a solid

Edugraff’s Methodology 

Some students forget their basics due to a lack of concentration or a lack of love for mathematics. Having a good practice of the subject helps students to score well. Edugraff promises to be a learning guide for all students, which will help them grow step by step for advanced learning. Also, the teachers at Edugraff create a follow-up on oral as well as mental math. The Mathematics kit provided will include pictorial representations (for topics like number system,  algebra, geometry, mensuration, and data handling), worksheets, revision of previous chapters, sample papers, and also the use of digital teaching aids helping them to get acquainted with the details about subjects they have to study. Furthermore, students can solve their doubts through doubt-solving sessions where our experienced and competent teachers are continually at work with a promise to solve them within 2-10 hours, keeping in mind the time difference between countries.


Skills that our students learn

We, at Edugraff, strive for perfection and our key ingredient is to give lots of practice sums and word problems developing a love for this subject. With the passing of the days, parents will witness that their child is gaining more clarity for each subject and has mastered problem-solving skills, and has also developed subject knowledge which urges them to score full marks.
The era of a traditional textbook for effective learning is now replaced by new digital teaching aids enabling different styles of solving mathematics problems. Watch one of our online mathematics tutorials filled with illustrations, examples, and even humor to understand why Edugraff is the ultimate online tutoring for your prodigy.



1.   Is Mathematics ICSE Grade 7 a nightmare?
No, if the student puts in the same amount of effort as the teacher then he/she need not worry further. Without proper understanding, Mathematics turns out to be an obstacle rather than an opportunity. Hence, listening carefully and jotting down notes when tutors teach at our portal help to comprehend the chapters easily.
2.    How much time should be dedicated to mathematics studies?
 Mathematics can be learned only through the constant practice of sums.
Edugraff provides hundreds of exercise items with fully worked-out solutions and explanations for online pupils. Also, a 10-minute revision every day will work wonders and the pupil will succeed with flying colors.

3.    How many books to refer to for success?
 Edugraff is happy to make a study timetable for mathematics and will also do sums and clear doubts for students referring to other books. Their vast knowledge can be tapped for this purpose.

4.    How to evaluate a child's progress?
The best way to evaluate is to see the way the student uses mathematics in his daily life. When the pupil applies mental math to solve daily transactions it means that he has understood the chapter thoroughly and has involved himself to solve it.

5.    How is the session conducted?
The topic is introduced and then gradually picks up pace.
The student is engaged in this interactive video session followed by feedback. The session is concluded with more practice sums whose solutions are provided in the next lecture.


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