CBSE X Mathematics

Online Tutoring - CBSE X Mathematics

  • Curriculum :  CBSE
  • Grade :  X
  • Subject :  Mathematics
  • Type :  Both
  • Summary :  Under the Indian system of education(CBSE) for class 10 learners build up on previous topics like Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration and Statistics.

Short Description :

Small Group sessions:

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Course Description :

Formation of linear equations (in both, one and two variables) and the methods of solving them, both graphically and algebraically, factorisation of polynomials using algebraic identities and other methods, quadratic equations, arithmetic progressions and coordinate geometry are taught to create the foundation for higher algebra.

Circles and triangles including construction and theorems and their proofs are the foundation for geometrical concepts.

Trigonometry, leading to calculation of heights and distances, reinforces the computation of angles and dimensions in relation to each other.

Mensuration covers the study of various regular shapes, both 2D and 3D, their areas and volumes and their application in real life situations.

Statistics: Data compilation, its analysis and probability enhance analytical skills to comprehend, organise and generate viable, comparative and realistic alternatives. This study encompasses the  calculation of mean, median, mode, histograms, gives and the use of sample spaces and random experiments to calculate probable events.


Number systems

  • Rational & Irrational Numbers
  • Division Algorithm, LCM, HCF
  • Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic


  • Linear Equations
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Factorisation
  • Arithmetic Progression
  • Coordinate Geometry


  • Triangles
  • Circles (Tangents, areas of circles, sectors, segments)

Surface Area and Volume

  • Cylinder, Cone, Sphere


  • Trigonometric expressions
  • Heights and Distances

Statistics and Probability

  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Probability of events

Methodology in Class 10 CBSE Maths Tuition 

Edugraff teachers are qualified and  familiar with CBSE ensures ample drill and follow up to all concepts. They use visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning strategies to ensure understanding. The use of digital teaching aids supplements the delivery of lessons by experienced teachers. Furthermore, students can send queries to their teachers by mail and get them solved within 2-10 hours, keeping in mind the time difference amongst countries.

To help prepare for the Board examinations, extra questions and worksheets are provided, so that students can gain a competitive edge. The teachers combine a variety of questions from past year papers and a host of books by acclaimed authors for reinforcement of concepts and for time management.

Learn from CBSE Grade 10 Online Maths Tutor

The topics prepare the students for higher studies in Mathematics. The study of geometry and mensuration increases spatial understanding and visual perspective. These skills are vital for students aiming for architecture, engineering and the creative arts. Trigonometry, like most branches of geometry, is extremely useful for people who are designing things like buildings, measuring long distances like the distance between two planets and calculating heights like the height of Eiffel Tower without actually measuring it.

Statistics and Probability are tools used in decision making and forecasting in business models.


What is the time frame required to complete the CBSE Class X syllabus?

Ideally, 3-5 classes a week are optimum for completing the syllabus. 

What kind of study hours are needed to do well in Grade 10?

It is a good idea to divide the syllabus in the amount of time you wish to finish it in. This will give you an accurate timetable and schedule to plan your self study. 

Is the NCERT book enough to prepare for the exams?

It is, yes. But, a little extra practice will help you get an edge.


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