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Kaveesh Nayak

About me

Hi, my name is Kaveesh Nayak. I am a tutor online as well as offline for last 4 years. I really like the look on the face of students when they understand a topic.

Academic Qualifications

I have done my postgraduation in computer engineering. 

Experience and Background

I have been teaching Maths, Numerical Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Science and Computer Science to students from elementary school to graduate level. I have more than 3 years of experience in teaching in an online as well as the offline environment.

Teaching Methodology

1. I explain to the students the topic in such a manner that they can understand both the basics as well as advanced details discussed in the topic.

2. I almost take 5 to 10 mins to summarise a topic so that students can get a quick idea of what he has studied today.

3. Engaging students in fun activities and games related to the topic makes them interested in the topic.

4. Giving interesting problems for the homework makes students think about the topic in a more comprehensive manner

5. Explaining the students about the problem in the context linking it to real-life situations makes them ask more questions and take interest in the topic.

6. Questions asked form students time to time in the class makes them use their imagination a lot more 

  • Experience in years :  3
  • Experience :  Tution Teacher. Online Teacher. Other.
  • Specialization :  Math, Sci, Computer
  • Location :  Punjab, Patiala
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CBSE X Mathematics
Curriculum : CBSE
Grade : X
Subject : Mathematics

CBSE VIII Mathematics
Curriculum : CBSE
Grade : VIII
Subject : Mathematics

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