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Most successful students develop these habits to attain their academic objectives. If you want to get the best grades possible, the following practices will help you.
29 Dec 2021 958
Life skills , Parenting

A World of possibilities

What After Class 12th ? | How do I finally zero-in my choices?
15 Jun 2020 7757
Life skills , Parenting

Online tutoring - Role and involvement of Parents

Education starts within the family and parents play an important role in proactively engaging in their child's learning activities at home. Online learning is no exception.
24 Apr 2020 3698
Life skills , Parenting

Can Online Tuition Substitute Home Tuition?

Traditional tutoring has transformed itself by going online and adopting Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to guide teachers and students with a range of tools. The transition to Online learning and its growth is phenomenal.
28 Jan 2020 1970
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