How do Parents Pick Online Tutors for their Children?

How do Parents Pick Online Tutors for their Children?

Tarun: I am confused about selecting a tutor for my child!

Jojo: Why?

Tarun: Don’t know which one to choose. There are so many online tutors. How can I confirm which one would be right for my kid?

Jojo: It’s a common problem faced by parents.

Tarun: Yes, I know. But, what’s the solution?

Jojo: We have some solutions, some criteria to look into, for choosing the online tutor.

Tarun: Are you sure this will work out?

Jojo: Hopefully so. Go through the points and ascertain yourself!


Although this is an imaginary conversation, it is a common concern of parents. With online tuition becoming a necessity, rather than an option, the selection became more difficult. We have examined the scenario and arrived upon some factors you can check out, whilst looking for the best online teacher for your kid.

Discover Yourself How to Choose the Right Online Tutors

You can assess the experience and credibility of the academies offering online tuition centers before identifying the ideal one for your kid. A few steps you can follow are:

Possibility of Personal Attention

“Would my kid be attended properly here?”

This must be the first question you ask yourself. The number of students in the class, the methodology the teachers adapt and their expertise in the field would be decisive on this. Of course, your child may not need personal attention if he or she is bright enough to grasp the subjects easily. Nonetheless, this may not be the case with most of the students.


Our custom-designed online teaching methodology focuses on evaluating each student and ensuring that he or she understands the topic taught. Periodic tests help us analyze their weak areas, which need additional attention from the teachers. The online tutors provided by Edugraff modify the coaching technique accordingly.


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Qualification and Experience of the Tutors

“How experienced are they?”

The qualification and experience of the tutors have a direct implication on the efficacy of their teaching. Most of the trusted online tuition centers will be stating the qualification of their tutors in the ads. Furthermore, you can go to their website and ask for their brochure, which details the expertise of the tutors in their panel.


You may find numerous online tuition academies offering excellent coaching. Handpick a few of the genuine ones from those. It may not be a complex process when you have the exact details of the academies available online.


You can learn more about the benefits of personalized online tutoring.

The Teaching Process Pursued

“Does the tuition center have a properly formulated teaching method?”

“Do they conduct practice tests frequently?”

“What about feedback?”


Online teaching is entirely different from traditional tuition. With the student and teacher interacting over a virtual medium, the tuition process has to be meticulously derived. Online tutors would have to use effective methods to keep the students attentive. Since both the student and the teacher are in different physical spaces, the student can get distracted easily.


Just say, for example, if are a student who gets low grades in chemistry, then Edugraff has some tips to achieve better results in chemistry.


An engaging online coaching tact has to be adhered to by the tutors. It should keep the student focussed on the lecture. Instead of continuing with long lectures on (boring) academic subjects, the tutors must mix some funny elements to make the session lively.


Another important factor here is the assessment of the students. Periodic tests, in a frequent periodicity, might be necessary. Tutors must fix the frequency depending on the class and the importance of the subjects. Feedbacks and guidance on improving would be vital. The parents can ask for the details regarding all these during the initial interaction with the tuition center. You can also opt for some days’ trial class as well.

Technology Used

We are in a digitally transformed world. Technology has infiltrated so much into our lives. The tutors offering online tuition must have adequate knowledge about the latest technology and explore it for facilitating better online coaching.


Understanding the technologies would not be difficult. Most of the tuition centers would have it included in their online brochure itself. You can consult them in case of any doubts in this regard. The flexibility in the teaching schedule may also be sought from them.

The Brief

Most of the online tuition centers have a strong digital presence. You can have all the info about them in a single click. You can read about the online coaching centers and identify the right one for your child.


Edugraff has been offering exceptional online tuition for students. Our selected professional tutors have immense experience in the subjects and use interactive pedagogical methods to keep the students attentive.


You may contact us to know more about our online tuition methods, schedules, qualification and experience of the faculty members, and so on.

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