How To Achieve Better Grades in Chemistry

How To Achieve Better Grades in Chemistry

Atoms and molecules, acids and bases, dilution and condensation - all these sound simple enough, right? Nevertheless, for some students, finding that chemistry may seem like a task tougher than understanding the periodic table. Chemistry as a subject is not to be taken lightly as it requires dedication, hard work, and thorough understanding. But with the right planning and guidance, any student can excel in chemistry with panache. Here are a few tips and points to keep in mind that can help you ace your chemistry class in the best way possible:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the topic before class

Well prepared is half done. The best way you can start your chemistry class is by acquainting yourself with the topic beforehand. By just reading through the introduction and the topics to be covered, you will be well on your way to understanding the topic in a better way by armouring yourself with confidence and optimism. Reading up before class also helps you to identify questions and areas of doubt, which can help you and the teacher address them in a more effective way.

  1. Be attentive in class

Make sure you give your full attention to the teacher while the class is in session so as to understand the topic to the best of your abilities. It is also imperative that you should attend all classes regularly without skipping any, ask and clear your doubts and questions as well as take good notes.


The importance of good note-taking is a much glossed over part of any academic discourse. Having clear, concise and comprehensive notes goes a long way in ensuring that y0u can score better grades in your class, especially for a subject like chemistry. It will be easier to remember equations and formulas if you note them down with precision and accuracy in class.

Reviewing your notes on the same day after class would also help abundantly in retaining the information. 

  1. Diligent Homework 

Another important factor that can help you get a better grasp of chemistry is taking extra time and effort in understanding the subject even after school. The homework assigned by teachers is intended to help you retain the information learned in class. A tried and tested best practice before starting doing homework is to make sure you re-read the text and your handwritten notes to refresh your memory. Re-reading the notes you have taken has proven to be far more effective than reading any printed materials. It is also important to complete your homework on time for the next class which can help you stay focused and retain an interest in the subject. 

  1. Projects and Assignments

It is not just the lessons or chapters in the textbooks that help you understand and develop an interest in chemistry. From covalent bonds to organic chemistry to elements and the periodic table, there is always much to learn in the field of chemistry that may fascinate you. 

Researching and preparing for projects and assignments prompts you to read up on the subject over and above what the textbook demands. In such a scenario, you will get to delve deeper into the subject matter and imbibe a better understanding as well.  

  1. Lab Work

Chemistry is a subject that requires extensive usage of a laboratory for conducting experiments and tests of every kind. Make sure to make the best advantage of the lab time. Translating the lessons in class to the chemistry lab through experiments would help you to obtain a practical understanding of the subject matter. It is proven to be vital that understanding the subject from the root level with practical applications is a better approach than memorizing and learning by heart.


By now you would have understood that learning chemistry is not as tough a task as you presumed it to be. With a little hard work and focus, acting chemistry would be fairly easy for any student. With these methods, you can easily score better grades in chemistry class. 

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Hope you understand how to score a good mark in chemistry after going through the above points. 

Good Luck. You can contact us anytime for help.

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