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Anand J


My teaching interest externds over a decate. I started teaching NTSE for underprivilaged students at the Dayanand Institute in Chennai. Later I started online tutoring children on Math, Science, Economics and Language till 12th grade.

I have worked for the central government as a Labour officer, then as an Operations head for a startup in Bangalore and finally consulting in datasciences.

The fascination with Philosophy of Education lead me to research evolution of education theory, sturcturalism, democratic education, post-mordern schools of learning.

My teaching methods are partially founded on the socratic dialectic and classical great books, commonly termed Perennialism.


  • Experience in years :  3
  • Experience :  School Teacher.
  • Specialization :  Math and Economics
  • Hourly Rate :   ₹800.00
  • Location :  Chennai
  • Overall Rating :  
  • Subjects Handled :
    Advanced Placement ( AP )Economics
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Advanced Placement ( AP ) Economics
Curriculum : Advanced Placement
Grade : ( AP )
Subject : Economics

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