ICSE VI Science

ICSE VI Science Course

  • Curriculum :  ICSE
  • Grade :  VI
  • Subject :  Science
  • Type :  One To One
  • Summary :  The Indian Council for Secondary Education stipulates a clear demarcation of the three fields of Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, from class 6 onwards. The Board has been very clear to integrate all theoretical learning in the subject with practical knowledge using simple experiments in the laboratory. Edugraff is a leading online tutoring service provider in India, rendering quality online tutoring for all classes. Contact us to join online Science Tutoring for ICSE Class VI.

Course Description :

In our online Science tutoring for ICSE Class VI, the course of Science is divided into the basic understanding of physical quantities and their measurement, of the most fundamental elements and compounds, and of the structural and functional aspects of plants, cells, and the human body.



Theme 1: Digestive System

  • Digestive System 1
  • Digestive System 2
  • Food for Good Health 1
  • Digestive System Revision 1

Theme 2: Respiratory System

  • Respiratory System Humans
  • Respiration in Humans Revision

Theme 3: Circulatory system

  • Circulatory system- Introduction
  • Circulatory system- Functions

Theme 4: Health & Hygiene

  • Non-communicable Diseases
  • Communicable Diseases

Theme 5: Plant Life

  • Flower- Types, Structure & Function,Pollination
  • Fertilization,Parts of Fruit,Types of Seed &Germination
  • Plants - Revision 1
  • Plants - Revision 2

Theme 6: Cell

  • Cell Structure & Function
  • Cell Structure & Function - Revision

Theme 7: Habitat & Adaptation

  • Ecosystems
  • Taxonomy
  • Adaptation & Habitat
  • Living Organisms Revision 1
  • Living Organisms Revision 2

Theme 8: Matter

  • Changing Matter 1
  • Changing Matter 2
  • Changing Matter 3
  • Changing Matter Revision

Theme 9: Separation of Substances

  • Separation of Substances 1
  • Separation of Substances 2
  • Separation of Substances Revision 1

Elements, compounds, symbols

  • Properties of Materials 1
  • Properties of Materials 2
  • Symbols & Formulae -Revision1
  • Symbols & Formulae -Revision2

Theme 11: Matter Physics

  • Changing Matter 1
  • Changing Matter 2
  • Changing Matter 3
  • Changing Matter Revision

Theme 12: Air

  • Air Composition & Properties
  • Air For Living
  • Global Warming
  • Air revision 1

Theme 13: Water

  • Water Storage Systems
  • Water Management Systems
  • Water Cycle
  • Water Revision 1
  • Water Revision 2

Theme 14: Measurement

  • Measuring L
  • Measuring Mass & Time
  • Measuring Heat
  • Measurment Revision

Theme 15: Force

  • Force, Magnitude & Direction
  • Pressure - Formula and significance
  • Force & Pressure Revision 1

Theme 16: Energy

  • Energy - Definition & Examples
  • Simple examples of conversion of energy
  • Energy - Revision

Theme 17: Light

  • Light & Vision
  • Propagation of Light, Formation of Image
  • Light Shadow and Reflections Revision 1
  • Eclipse & Revision

Theme 18: Magnet

  • Magnets Introduction
  • Magnets Properties & Uses
  • Magnets Revision 1
  • Magnets Revision 2


Key features of Our Online Tuition

Edugraff teachers teach by connecting classroom teaching to practical knowledge and application. This is done with the use of experiments conducted during sessions and videos which are shared with the student. The concept clarity is checked by conducting regular assessments.     


Why Edugraff for Online Tutoring of Science

Edugraff has a team of a qualified and experienced teachers to provide Online Science Tutoring for ICSE Class VI. The experience and skill set of the Edugraff Science teachers are the biggest advantage our students get, especially since each student has a one-on-one tutor, resulting in the complete attention of the tutor. The teachers are well trained in the examination pattern and this enables them to train their students accordingly.  

Skills that our students learn

The use of a variety of teaching styles by the Edugraff faculty provides students with an in-depth clarity of concepts. The teachers follow a sequential learning pattern assisted with drill, using worksheets and application based projects. This creates interest, curiosity and a lifelong thirst for learning among students.  

If you are looking for online Science tutoring for ICSE Class VI, contact us. We can help your students get live class 6 ICSE Science tuition from our expert tutors.



1. How can I build up my interest in Science?
Science is all around us and if you can observe its presence in all that you do and all that happens around us, you will build up a need to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of various phenomena.  
2.   How can I improve my grades?
You can achieve better grades by being regular in class and completing all follow up work given to you. This ensures that concepts done in class are reiterated and not easily forgotten.  


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