ICSE V Mathematics


  • Curriculum :  ICSE
  • Grade :  V
  • Subject :  Mathematics
  • Type :  One To One
  • Summary :  In ICSE Class 5 Mathematics tuition classes, students polish their understanding of the concepts taught in class 4.

Course Description :

The basic operations of Mathematics which form the cornerstone for all topics to follow in the coming years are done in great detail in Grade 5. In ICSE Class 5 tuition classes, we include working on large numbers, whole numbers, common multiples and factors, formative concepts of geometry, fundamental 2D and 3D shapes, area and perimeter of a few regular polygons, an introduction to statistics and simple constructions.


1. Knowing the numbers

  • Indian System Of Numeration
  • International System of Numeration
  • Roman Numbers
  • Addition and Subtraction of Large Numbers
  • Multiplication and Division of Large Numbers
  • Number Operations
  • Estimating and Rounding
  • Brackets and Multiplication

2. Whole numbers

  • Introduction to Whole numbers
  • Properties of operations on whole numbers

3. Playing with numbers

  • Factors and Multiples of a Number
  • Prime and Composite Numbers
  • Divisibility Test : 2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11
  • Divisibility Test: Workout
  • LCM and HCF of Numbers by Observation
  • LCM and HCF of Numbers by Prime Factorisation
  • LCM and HCF of Numbers by Long Division
  • HCF by Euclid’s Algorithm and Special Cases of LCM and HCF
  • Application of LCM and HCF in the Real World

4. Basic geometrical ideas

  • Point, line, line segment, ray
  • Open and closed figures

5. Understanding elementary shapes

  • Vertex, arm, interior and exterior of an angle
  • Measure of angles and type of angles
  • Triangles : Naming and Classification
  • Quadrilaterals : Naming and classification
  • Identifying 3-D shapes
  • Elements of 3-D figures - Faces, Edges and vertices

6. Integers

  • Integers: Introduction to negative numbers , representation on number line
  • Comparing and ordering integers
  • Adding Integers
  • Subtracting Integers

7. Fractions

  • Fractions - Recapitulation
  • Types of fractions
  • Equivalent Fractions
  • Comparing fractions
  • Addition of Fractions
  • Subtraction of fraction
  • Applications of Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

8. Decimals

  • Decimals - Recap
  • Comparison of decimals
  • Converting units using decimals
  • Adding Decimals
  • Subtracting Decimals
  • Word Problems based of Addition and Subtraction of Decimals

9. Data Handling

  • Collecting and organising data
  • Pictograph : Drawing and Interpretation
  • Bar graph : Drawing and Interpretation

10. Mensuration

  • Perimeter of a square and rectangle
  • Area of a square and rectangle
  • Application : Area and perimeter of square and rectangles

11. Algebra

  • Introduction to Algebra
  • Algebraic Expressions
  • Writing algebraic expressions
  • Introduction of equations
  • Solving linear equations

12. Ratio and proportion

  • Concept of ratio and difference between fraction and ratio
  • Proportion as equality of two ratios
  • Unitary Method

13. Symmetry

  • Symmetrical Figures and lines of symmetry
  • Reflection using symmetry

14. Practical geometry

  • Constructing line segment/circles
  • Constructing perpendicular/ perpendicular bisectors to a given line segment
  • Constructing angles and angle bisector
  • Constructing Special Angles using scale and compass


Methodology in Class 5 ICSE Mathematics Tuition 

The Edugraff team uses many teaching aids in the Live Tuition classes of ICSE Class 5 Mathematics to ensure complete concept clarity to the students like geo-boards, models of 3D shapes like cubes, cuboids, prisms and pyramids. The advantage Edugraff students have over the others is that, an Edugraff tutor teaches one student at the time. This gives the child ample opportunity to clear every doubt at any step.

Learn Mathematics from Grade 5 Online Tutors 

Grade 5 Mathematics is a foundation for the newer concepts that follow in higher classes. Good knowledge on the basic topics acquired from Edugraff’s live class 5 ICSE mathematics tuition classes sharpen the calculation and application skills of the students.   



How should I plan my study schedule to ensure effective utilisation of my time?

It is a good idea to make a time table for yourself. This should be carefully planned to include study time along with some physical activity and recreation time. There has to be a reasonable balance while allocating time among various subjects as some subjects will need more time than others.  

What is the best way to clear my Math concepts?

The best way to understand Mathematics is to practice it on a daily basis. Your Edugraff teachers use worksheets and tests in their teaching methodology to ensure you are regular.

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