CBSE XI English

Online Tutoring - CBSE XI English

  • Curriculum :  CBSE
  • Grade :  XI
  • Subject :  English
  • Type :  One To One
  • Summary :  Online English tuition for class 11 CBSE gives students the options to study Core English, aimed to provide a basic proficiency.

Course Description :

Edugraff brings you the best online coaching for Class 11 CBSE by incorporating study notes, sample question papers, learning activities that enhance your reading and writing skills. Both books prescribed for CBSE Class 11 English (core), Hornbill and Snapshots are aimed at creating awareness, understanding oneself and society, exposing to various narratives and moulding young impressionable minds, which is essentially the purpose of literature. The stories, by a host of writers of Indian as well as foreign origin, are a collection of biographies, travelogues, science fiction, contemporary prose, moral choices, dealing with personal loss, commitment and norms of society. The language is simple yet stylish and introduces students to the nuances of expression. The Hornbill is divided into two sections: Reading Skills and Writing Skills.


Chapter 1

  • The Portrait of a Lady by Khushwant Singh
  • Poem: A Photograph by Shirley Toulson

Chapter 2

  • We are not Afraid to Die…If We Can All Be Together by
  • Gordon Cook and Alan East

Chapter 3

  • Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues by A. R. Williams
  • Poem: The Laburnum Top by Ted Hughes

Chapter 4

  • Landscape of the Soul by Nathalie Trouveroy
  • Poem: The Voice of the Rain by Walt Whitman

Chapter 5

  • The Ailing Planet – the Green Movement’s role by Nani
  • Palkhivala

Chapter 6

  • The Browning Version by Terence Rattigan
  • Poem: Childhood by Markus Natten

Chapter 7

  • The Adventure by Jayant Narlikar

Chapter 8

  • Silk Road by Nick Middleton
  • Poem: Father to Son by Elizabeth Jennings
English Supplementary Reader – Snapshots

Chapter 1

  • The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse by William Saroyan

Chapter 2

  • The Address by Marga Minco

Chapter 3

  • Ranga’s Marriage by Masti Venkatesha Iyengar

Chapter 4

  • Albert Einstein at School by Patrick Pringle

Chapter 5

  • Mother’s Day by J. B. Priestley

Chapter 6

  • The Ghat of the Only World by Amitav Ghosh

Chapter 7

  • Birth by A. J. Cronin

Chapter 8

  • The Tale of Melon City by Vikram Seth

Methodology in Class 11 CBSE English Tuition 

In the senior classes like Class 11 CBSE English Tuition and Class 12 CBSE English Tuition Classes, Edugraff teachers lay more stress on contemplation, discussion, and exploration of ideas. Instead of handing over answers, students are encouraged to find them and also look for alternate endings to the given stories. They are asked to formulate questions rather than only giving answers which stimulate creativity and imagination. Our Live online coaching for class 11 CBSE ensures personalized attention to students and can provide an in-depth learning experience.

Learn English from Class 11 CBSE Online Tutors

One to One interactive live tuition classes for Class XI CBSE help tutors to understand the strengths and weaknesses of students and prepare accordingly as per their needs to improve their language. Students learn to be more confident with Edugraff’s expert tutors and give wings to lateral thinking. Group discussions help them to overcome hesitation of talking in public and put forward their views in a consolidated manner. The activities sensitize them by allowing them to value their experiences and capabilities. They learn to draw out the similarities and differences between the social learning from the books and their own journey.


How do I cope up with the difficulty level of grade 11? 

Class 11 is very different from class 10. The pattern of study changes and is adapted to equip you to fit into college/university life. It requires a different approach in terms of number of hours spent, extra reading and participation in co – scholastic activities. 


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