Online Tutoring - CBSE VIII Science

  • Curriculum :  CBSE
  • Grade :  VIII
  • Subject :  Science
  • Type :  One To One
  • Summary :  The scientific concepts taught in Class 8 CBSE Online Science tuition help develop logical and analytical thinking among students.

Course Description :

Grade 8 Online Science students are made aware of agricultural practices, protection of crops, crop rotation, weed and pest control, micro-organisms - their benefits and harmful effects, vaccines, antibiotics and immunization. Synthetic and natural fibres, their procurement and production techniques, metals and non-metals- their properties, their compounds, their electronic configuration and reactions, fossil fuels, their process of formation, their extraction, their by-products and combustion are topics covered in Chemistry. 

Environment related topics like conservation of plants and animals, global warming, air and water pollution and sustainable ways of living are taught so that children learn the importance of these issues from an early age. 

Detailed study of the cell structure and its function by using diagrams, learning videos, laboratory experience together with theory help the students to understand the basic unit of life. This paves the way for learning about more complex processes like reproduction. 

Electroplating, charges and their interactions, lightning – its causes and safety, earthquakes, Light – Laws of reflection, multiple images, eye – its structure and care, vision defects, Braille learning system, stars and the solar system are other areas of study in the Class 8 Online Science tuition curriculum.


Crop production and management

  • Agricultural Practices
  • Preparation of Soil
  • Sowing
  • Manure and Fertilizers
  • Irrigation


  • Food Preservation
  • Nitrogen Fixation
  • Nitrogen Cycle

Synthetic Fibres and Plastic

  • Types of synthetic Fibres
  • Plastics and the Environment

Metals and Non-Metals

  • Physical Properties of Metals and Non-Metals
  • Chemical Properties of Metals and Non-Metals
  • Uses of Metals and Non-Metals

Combustion and Flame

  • What is Combustion?
  • How to Control Fire
  • Types of Combustion
  • Structure of a Flame
  • What is Fuel
  • Fuel Efficiency

Conservation of Plants and Animals

  • Deforestation and its Causes
  • Consequences of Deforestation
  • Biosphere Reserve
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Endemic Species
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks
  • Reforestation

Methodology in Class VIII CBSE Science Tuition

The essence of scientific learning is a sequential and kinesthetic manner of teaching. The facilitators at Edugraff ensure a combination of inductive and deductive pattern of lesson delivery to ensure effective and efficient grasping of concepts. 

Learn from CBSE Grade 8 Online Science Tutor

Studying about techniques and processes required for agriculture makes the students aware of a farmer’s struggle and work. A basic term like ‘germs’ learnt in primary classes, takes on a whole new meaning as it diversifies into useful and harmful microorganisms, their use in creating lifesaving drugs and vaccines. Many such invaluable topics which create the foundation for preserving our planet are taught in grade 8 online cbse science tuition and the other following classes.


1. How flexible are the Edugraff teachers with class timings? 

Edugraff teachers are focused on what is best for you. That includes one-to-one teaching, flexible timings which are suitable to both the class 8 CBSE Science student and the teacher, and also a customised curriculum.


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