CBSE VI Science

Online Tutoring - CBSE VI Science

  • Curriculum :  CBSE
  • Grade :  VI
  • Subject :  Science
  • Type :  One To One
  • Summary :  The class 6 CBSE Science tuition syllabus is structured to introduce the three elements of Science: Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Course Description :

Edugraff’s online tuition for class 6 science students included Physics, Chemistry and Biology, overall students learn in subjects as Science. Our class 6 science online tutors follow best methodologies to prepare students to face challenges in the forthcoming examinations.

Biology journeys into the basic introduction of plants, parts of plants, plants as food, animals, their habitat, feeding habits, diet and nutrition, deficiency diseases and characteristics of some organisms.

Chemistry takes on what things are made of and the properties of such materials, how to separate certain materials when they are mixed, physical and chemical changes around us, the composition of air and how the balance of this composition is maintained.

Physics diversifies into measuring length, identifying moving objects and the types of motions they exhibit, the properties of light (like reflection, travel in a straight line, etc.) and studying them using tools like mirrors, opaque objects, electric current, its generation and the basic properties of magnets.




  • Sources of Food
  • Types of Food
  • Components of Food
  • Nutrients and Balanced Diet
  • Deficiency Diseases


  • Types of Plants
  • Parts of a plant
  • Special Features
  • Habitat and Adaptation

Human Body

  • Movement


  • Uses and Sources of Water
  • Water Cycle
  • Rain and its Importance
  • Conservation of Water
  • Rainwater harvesting

Garbage Disposal

  • Vermicomposting
  • Recycling of paper
  • Plastics – advantages and disadvantages


Fibre to Fabric

  • Variety of fabrics
  • Plant Fibres
  • Spinning Cotton Yarn
  • History of Clothing Material


  • Properties of Materials

Separation of Substances

  • Methods of Separation

Changes Around Us

  • Reversible and Irreversible Changes
  • Ways to bring about a change

Air Around Us

  • Composition of Air
  • Oxygen Cycle


Motion and Measurement of Distances

  • Story of Transport
  • Standard units of measurements
  • Measuring the length of a curved line
  • Moving Things Around Us
  • Types of Motion

Light, Shadows and Reflections

  • Transparent, Translucent and Opaque Objects
  • Shadows
  • A Pinhole Camera
  • Mirrors and Reflections

Electricity and Circuits

  • Electric Cell
  • Electric Circuit
  • Electric Switch
  • Electric Conductors and Insulators


  • Magnetic and Non-magnetic Materials
  • Poles of a magnet
  • Finding directions
  • Making a magnet
  • Attraction and Repulsion between Magnets

CBSE Grade 6 Science Tuition Learning Methodology

Teachers at Edugraff make lesson plans that arouse curiosity so that students ask questions and get interested in the amazing world of Science. It is essential this happens because a clear understanding of the basics of Science at this stage ensures a lifelong quest for learning and discovering. 

Learn from CBSE Class 6 Online Science Tutor

Students learn about the three fields of scientific knowledge and this segregation is done so that students may find their potential and area of interest. The ‘why’ of things that happen around us, creates a deeper understanding and respect for nature and science based phenomena.  


1.   Why are the Science topics segregated into Biology, Physics and Chemistry?

Classification is the basis of all study. It organises everything into manageable groups having commonalities which are then easy to study and understand. The broadest classification of Science is into three fields of study: Biology - the study of living things, Physics – the branch of Science which studies the nature and properties of matter and energy, Chemistry – the study of substances of which matter is composed, their properties and reactions.


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