Can Online Tuition Substitute Home Tuition?

Can Online Tuition Substitute Home Tuition?

Online tutoring processes has adopted the most disruptive technologies that is changing the way we learn.

Parents who preferred to send their children to tuition centres to supplement classroom teaching have begun to explore the benefits of teaching their children through online methods. An idea that bordered on the realm of dreams grew to become a theory, and from there, it’s entered the well-rewarding realm of reality.

Children always benefit from personal, one-on-one interactions with their teachers and tutors, but finding the perfect tutor with credible academic knowledge, an accommodating schedule, and a respectable personality is always a challenge. Not to mention the hassle of dropping and picking the child from tuition classes!

The answer to this challenge would, of course, be online tutoring. In this article, we will explore the myriad benefits of online tuitions as opposed to traditional forms of tutoring.


Key takeaway points:

● Remarkable flexibility in learning schedules

● Better student engagement

● Personal attention through one-to-one interaction

● Ability to reschedule sessions

● A Vast pool of teachers to choose from

● Pre-recorded sessions; easy to playback and revise

● No need to travel

● Scalability




1. Allows for flexibility and self-driven learning

Online tutoring enables flexible learning so children can seamlessly fit tuition sessions into their school academic programs. It empowers them to undertake learning in a way that suits their schedule completely, allowing them to easily balance their school work and family obligations. A traditional learning environment with a predetermined time for learning may not be feasible for everyone.

The learner has tangible control as to where, when and how they learn. This kind of flexibility enables children to take control of their learning, making them more successful in understanding concepts. Faculty members also find online tutoring flexible because they can balance teaching, meet other professional demands and fulfil family obligations.


2. Builds student engagement in a much stronger fashion

Having a skilled and talented tutor guiding the student would aid in student engagement. Apart from providing the tutorials, the tutor would be conducting tests, assessments and assignments to measure the student’s understanding and learning development. Online tutors make the sessions interesting to the child by recording the sessions and spicing up the classes with examples, experiments and stories.


3. Provides personal attention through one-to-one sessions

Online classes can be adapted as one-to-one sessions so each student can enjoy the benefit of personal attention and directly clear any doubts they might have. In a brick and mortar class, the student might be wary of asking doubts for fear of peer ridicule. With online learning, there is no room for such fear because nobody is judging. The tutor can also measure the understanding capacity of the student first-hand, and align the teaching method to suit their needs.


4. Ability to reschedule sessions

Your child has the freedom to contact the tutor if they want to change or reschedule a session. If they are going to be unavailable, they can plan a different schedule in advance.


5. A large pool of teachers to choose from

Understandably, with online tutoring, there is an almost never-ending reservoir of teachers ready to provide their services. This gives the parent the freedom to choose a tutor for their child based on the parameters they set. Edugraff has a huge resource pool of teachers from which you can choose a competent teacher who’s the best possible match for your child.


6. The sessions are recorded for easy playback and revision

Earlier, we mentioned that the learners have tangible control over how they learn. Online video and voice lessons are recorded, so students can spend more time perfecting difficult concepts (by playing and replaying the videos and tutorials), which may not be possible in a tuition centre. Children can revisit the tutorial anytime they want and interact with the material when their mind is fresh and they feel more productive.


7. Saving on travel time

One of the obvious advantages of online tutoring is that nobody has to travel. The tutor can teach at his home, and the children can learn at their homes, so everyone involved has more room in their schedule for other activities. The parent also doesn’t have to bother shuttling to and fro from one tuition class to another.


8. Scalability

Apart from connecting experienced tutors and students, there is one more major advantage to online teaching - scalability, or the ability to map the coaching to whichever syllabus and curriculum the child needs. Since the tutors are virtually accessible, parents can meet with the tutor online and discuss what kind of coaching would best suit the individual child.


So, if you are looking for a straightforward answer on whether online tuition can substitute home tuition, the answer is most definitely “yes”. It is easy to find a competent, skilled and knowledgeable online teacher who can guide your children correctly and steer them in the right direction.

It is also important to contact a trusted education service provider like Edugraff as they will be having experienced teachers working with them.

For the successful knowledge transfer, the teacher needs to understand his or her students, their moods, fears and apprehensions while communicating online. This might not be possible in a single session. As the sessions progress, the teacher can build rapport with the student, and take it forward from there. This would, of course, differ from child to child; some might learn quickly, while others would need a little more hand-holding.

To know more about how your child can learn through audio and video sessions, get in touch with Edugraff for free demo

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