7 reasons why you should study the IB

7 reasons why you should study the IB

The most popular streams for school students in India would be State Government Syllabus, CBSE or ICSE. Those opting for IGCSE or IB are relatively few in comparison. What many parents and students fail to understand is that pursuing the IB stream can equip students with necessary skills and the foundation to apply to any university around the world for their higher education. In this scenario, here are 7 reasons why you should study the IB stream in school:

Independent thinking process
What sets IB classrooms apart from other streams is that it fosters two-way communication between students and teachers in a healthy and open way. Students are encouraged to develop and hone their thinking skills and to voice their original ideas. This helps students develop independent thinking skills and opens up their minds to different perspectives and ideas.

Experiential learning
Experiential learning is the learning of the future. Through various practical examples and activities students learn concepts and topics in a more hands-on way than how it would be in a classroom. By engaging in community service, clubs, extracurricular activities, etc. students are exposed to a better understanding and appreciation of the things they learn and the world around them.

Research skills
The IB course includes The Extended Essay and the Theory of Knowledge components, which go a long way in helping students develop advanced independent research and organizational skills. This can be highly beneficial to students in their future academic and professional lives.

Prepare you for university
The IB syllabus is extensive to say the least. The rigorous course structure and the vast extent of information you imbibe through IB makes what you learn in university pale in comparison. To put it simply, studying under pressure and managing deadlines becomes much easier for a student who pursued IB than any other stream.

Internationally recognised
IB is the most internationally recognised syllabus out there. Having a global reputation and standing, a diploma in IB is a sureshot way for you to gain respect and preference in academic and professional circles. Even Ivy League schools like Harvard, Yale, etc. recognise IB.

Makes you a well rounded person
The IB syllabus is designed in such a way that you will gain enough and more knowledge in many fields of study. Even though gaining advanced knowledge in IB maths courses may seem unnecessary for someone seeking to pursue higher studies in management or arts, it can help you gain well rounded knowledge. Moreover, the exposure that IB offers in learning and understanding different perspectives and schools of thought as well as through experiential learning and extracurricular activities can mould them to become a well rounded person.

College admissions
Those looking to pursue higher education abroad can greatly benefit from a diploma in IB. Universities around the world give a much higher preference to IB graduates than any other stream. Additionally, IB students have better chances for getting scholarships and educational grants as well from international universities compared to other students.

Now that you have gained a better understanding of the IB diploma program and the various opportunities it throws open for students, we hope you understand why you should recommend the IB diploma program for students. IB, with its vast knowledge structure and international recognition, fares better when compared to CBSE, ICSE or State syllabus.
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