Can non-teaching professionals become effective teachers?

Can non-teaching professionals become effective teachers?

With the growth of technology, more people have better access to the internet. While qualified teachers are the most favoured tutors by choice, professionals from other fields can also become a great teacher 

A mix of talents
 Many professionals are more attracted to the online teaching profession. A favourable blend of life experience, professional knowledge and a passion to help others are some of the basic ingredients that make up a good teacher.
Tutoring, as a profession, suits many non-teaching professionals who can find the time. Some of them resort to tutoring, seeking a more soothing career experience away from the corporate grind. Some of the attractions offered by private tutoring are flexible schedules and potential to grow as a mentor while improving one's own academic strengths.

 With practical experience drawn from industry, these professional add more colour to their lives from a sense of satisfaction derived from personal tutoring.

Students come first
Competition in schools put extra pressure on many students. Tutors need to identify what drives the student to mentor them and eventually reduce the academic stress they carry from school. Successful tutors device own methods to explain concepts in simple ways that their students can understand.

Going International 
 Wider exposure to various curriculum enables a tutor to teach internationally. This demands a better understanding of the student's country, the cultural and academic background. Succesful tutors who have taught internationally have been very sensitive to these needs and have prepared themselves well at a high level of their understanding of the particular curriculum, methods and cultural differences.   This improves their horizon and potential earnings. 

Word of caution
However, not all are successful in their endeavour. In some cases, the newfound passion dies out due to lack of preparation, presentation and genuine efforts. The fact that students are different, implies customised lesson planning.

Practice the art of teaching
Teaching is an art that can be further developed into a rewarding skill. This needs some extra dedication and self-improvement plan from the teacher to assess the student and to always look for better ways to explain the same topic.

Jojo Mathew

CEO, Edugraff

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