Online Preparation Tips for Class 10, 12 Students

Online Preparation Tips for Class 10, 12 Students

Nearing exam dates raise the heartbeat and tension of students even if they are prepared well. Most of the students, who expect top grades, face this anxiety. In fact, the concern affects the performance negatively. It would be the best thing if you learn to manage stress and approach public exams confidently.

An optimistic attitude and a confident approach can elevate your performance optimally. Parents and teachers must motivate them to remain in the best of their moods. Especially when the student is attending a highly competitive exam.

Are you one of those preparing for 10 or 12th class exams?

All the best for qualifying for the exam with excellent grades. You can plan a focussed preparation pattern to cover all the portions and attend the 10th or 12th exam with a cool attitude. Remember that unnecessary nervousness will land you in more trouble. Observe a properly devised preparation schedule and come out with flying colors.

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Benefits of Online Coaching for Class 10, 12 Exams

Online coaching has become more popular since the outbreak of the pandemic. It has opened up a convenient and comfortable learning atmosphere for students. Nowadays, they can opt for a teacher sans boundaries or without any concern about traveling long distances.


Simply avoid crowded places and traveling by public transport, where social distancing may not be possible. Sit in the safety of your home and undergo online coaching for 10, 12, entrance, or any other competitive exam.


Schedule the class according to your convenience. Inform in advance, if you are unable to attend a particular session. And reschedule the same in consultation with the teacher. Revise topics with the help of recorded classes. How convenient are online classes?


Personal Attention 

Personal attention by the teacher will help the student to focus on the subject and score well in the exam.

Constant Feedbacks 

The tutors at Edugraff provide constant feedback, which helps the student in understanding their flaws and weak areas. Concentrating on improving those topics, the student can score exceptionally well in the public exam.

Exclusively Designed Pedagogy 

The teaching methodology must ensure that the student is able to imbibe the concept. Since both the student and teacher are in different physical spaces, the experience, ability, and pedagogical methodology are important in the case of online tuitions.

Cost-effective Coaching 

Fees charged for online tuition classes are remarkably less than physical tuition centers. In turn, benefiting financially as well.

Online Preparation Tips for Class 10, 12 Students

Mathematics and Science are the two most important subjects in classes 10 and 12. The subjects are part of highly competitive exams like JEE and NEET. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to grasp the basic ideas and memorize formulas from both subjects.

How to Prepare Maths for Class 10 and 12 Exams?

Practice is the only mantra to perform well in the Maths exam. You must buy some rough sheets just for practicing the questions and revising from the old question papers. It would be beneficial if you can attend mock tests for Maths.

Online Maths tutoring will help you score exceptionally well in class 10 and 12 public exams. Full marks are given if you answer the questions correctly along with steps. You must bear in mind that the subject is vital for qualifying in JEE and NEET as well.

Go through the old question papers and identify the pattern. Some sections would be more important than the others are. Allot adequate time to practice those portions.

If you really want to clear your class 10 mathematics efficiently then you had better join our Class 10 CBSE Maths Tuition.

How to Prepare Science for Class 10, 12 Exams?

Science constitutes three subjects, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Out of the three, Physics has been the toughest subject for most of the students. Nonetheless, Physics is the most important of the three. Ample importance must be given in learning the formulae, understanding the theories and explanations.

Learn fundamentals of physics and memorize the important formulae. Once you are thorough with the portions, practice from old question papers and attend mock tests to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. And improve upon them.


Chemistry is not as complex as Physics. You can use some simple tricks to remember the chemical formulae. Consult our tutors in case you need guidance on memorizing the chemical reactions, formulae, and theories.

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Biology necessitates some judicious preparations to impart knowledge about varying species, theories, etc. In online science tutoring, Our tutors will be able to assist you in studying the subject quickly.

Our Opinion

Online coaching can be your guiding light for scoring outstanding grades in class 10, 12 exams. Both these classes are pivotal in deciding a student’s future. Hence, it is crucial to give importance and grasp the essence of each subject.

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