Effective Online Tutoring Methodologies Edugraff Follow

Effective Online Tutoring Methodologies Edugraff Follow

Online tutoring has gained wide publicity and popularity in the pandemic era. Old school people are still confused about the efficacy of online coaching. They are not completely wrong. Unorganized online sessions, ineffective pedagogical methods, and uninspiring attitudes from the tutors are plaguing the online tuitions.

We could overcome these issues by establishing a unique online coaching process. Engaging the students and ensuring their attention are the two challenges the tutors encounter. One cannot expect the student to remain focussed on the computer or smartphone screen unless the teacher has some charm that keeps them hooked. That’s exactly what we could introduce in our online tutoring programs.

What are the Benefits of Online tutoring?

Undoubtedly, it is the best method to impart coaching during this pandemic period. The students can receive tuition sitting in the safety of their homes. Without the need to travel long distances or sit along with others.

Online tutoring offers several benefits including:

  • Select the right teacher from our panel of handpicked tutors

  • Option to choose a teacher from any part of the world (physical distance doesn’t matter at all)

  • Safe learning atmosphere. Sit in the comfort and safety of your home and undergo the online coaching

  •  No travel is required when you join an online class

  • Affordable tutoring packages, wherein you can custom-choose the package you want

  • Schedule the classes as per the time convenient to the student. So that the student can attend the classes without missing any

  • Option to reschedule a missed session

  • Recorded classes to revise the topics. Watching the sessions will be useful in learning the subject/ topic thoroughly

You can find more benefits of personalized online classes

Frequent tests and feedbacks, which would help the student to prepare more and score better grades.

List of some of the Online Tutoring Methodologies 

Edugraff has thought a step ahead of the competitors and we have instituted matchless methodologies to impart the best online tutoring. The effect of the teaching techniques used by us is evident in the results. Our students have scored exemplary grades in the competitive exams. Our online tuition methodology utilizes the following for improved teaching.

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Unambiguous Communication 

Both the teacher and the student are in two physical locations during the online class. Hence, carefully organized communication has to be maintained to avoid ambiguities and to convey the concepts properly. The communication skill of our tutors has been admired by the students and parents.

Usage of Innovative Technology 

Advanced digital technology is the mainstay in our online classes. We utilize technology to connect well with the students and get them on board effortlessly. It is as if sitting in a physical classroom and interacting face to face with the teacher.

Frequent Feedbacks 

We conduct tests on frequent periodicity to analyze the students. The tutors will evaluate each student individually, identify their strengths and weaknesses and guide them accordingly. This productive feedback helps the students to achieve excellent scores in the final exam.

Proper Administration 

Our administrative team prepares the coaching program for each class and monitors the same. A proper administration is essential for the smooth sailing of the classes. It will help the students to attend the classes without any issues and reschedule the sessions in case of any requirement.

Response from the Team 

We would revert to your queries, confusion, and doubts in the shortest possible time. Therefore, there won’t be any problems during the online classes at Edugraff.

Constant Monitoring 

Edugraff is committed to guide and support the students to understand the core concepts of the subjects and attain excellent scores. Our team would be monitoring the students constantly to correct them in case of any doubts or mistakes. A seamless coaching and monitoring pattern has been established by the team at Edugraff to ensure the best results.

Exceptional Support to Students 

We extend optimal support to students in every aspect of learning. We believe it is our duty and responsibility to nurture each student.

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Determined to ensure exceptional results, we have a handpicked team of tutors. The effective online tutoring methodologies we follow have been creating enviable results. You can join Edugraff to score excellent grades in subjects and prepare yourself for competitive exams.

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