Easy Ways To Learn Trigonometry Functions

Easy Ways To Learn Trigonometry Functions

Trigonometry has been a tiring subject for students for years. Remembering the values and using those to solve problems have been an intimidating task for many. Even though they succeed in memorizing the elements, the concepts may get jumbled up during exams. Learn mathematics online leading to overall performance in Mathematics.

It would be an exciting experience if you learn the subject the way you should! Grasping the crux of the topic is what will change the game. Nothing can stop you, once you have imbibed the basic factors.

“Are there easy ways to learn trigonometry functions?”

“Yes, there are. We are explaining a couple of those in this article.”

This post will tell you two methodical approaches for studying trigonometry. Those are observing the applications of trigonometric formulae and a focussed approach to understanding the concepts.

Understand the Concept

Trigonometry studies different types of triangles, the relationship among the angles present, and uses the analyzed data to obtain solutions.  There are predefined rules that could be applied to calculate missing values, proving a relation, and so on.

The basic thing that a student should never forget is that the total of three angles in a triangle will always be 1800. The essence of trigonometry lies in this very fact.  Some of the common trigonometric terms include:


·         Right Angle

·         Hypotenuse

·         Acute Triangle

·         Obtuse Triangle

·         Equilateral Triangle

·         Scalene Triangle

·         Right Isosceles Triangle


Understanding the concept in reference to a Unit Circle helps in quick learning of principles of trigonometry. A circle with a radius of 1 is called a Unit Circle. The study begins with calculating Sines and Cosines of a right angle triangle placed in this circle, with the center (the origin) considered as 0, 0.

Studying the trigonometric functionalities is the next step. Six functions define trigonometric calculations. These would be utilized in relation to each other to explain different values and derive the properties of a triangle.

The functionalities are:


·         Sine in short Sin

·         Cosine in short Cos

·         Tangent in short Tan

·         Secant in short Sec

·         Cosecant in short Cosec or Csc

·         Cotangent in short Cot


The Unit Circle you drew initially explains the relationships perfectly. Having a fine understanding of the subject circle will instill better insights into trigonometric explanations. Each of the elements above has importance alone as well as in conjunction with other elements and assists you in evaluations related to triangles.  

Insights about the Application of Trigonometry

Trigonometry has wide usages in practical life. The subject could be applied to calculations of varying motions and behavioral analysis of objects depending on their movement patterns. Scientists apply the trigonometric formula to calculate the possible path and predict the result after a certain cycle.

For example, the moon cycle can be properly studied by the application of trigonometry. Researchers have already been using sine waves to depict motions.

You can connect trigonometric calculations with every movement you see around. Once you succeed in this, you will start enjoying the subject and would be able to connect with the subject brilliantly.

Consequently, you can derive formulae for the observations around. Unlike other subjects or topics, Trigonometry has widespread implications in life.

Prepare Before the Class

You may find it difficult to follow the teacher the first time. The components or the elements viz. Sin, Cos, Tan, Cosec, Sec, and Cot would not register in our brain. It would be better if you can go through the lessons before the class. Therefore, you should be familiar with the subject in advance.

The Brief

Learning Trigonometry is not an uphill task if you understand the basics thoroughly.  Guidance from our expert teachers would strengthen your basic knowledge and help you understand trigonometric concepts easily.

If you are facing any hassles in learning Trigonometry, Feel free to contact Edugraff. We will help you.

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