Does Parental Involvement Help with Student’s Online Learning Success?

Does Parental Involvement Help with Student’s Online Learning Success?

Online tutoring, known for its convenience and high level of effectiveness, is a popular alternative to traditional classroom courses. When parents enrol their children in several hours of online tutoring for subjects like Math, Language, reading, and more, learning doesn’t happen the way it usually does. Online tutoring improves live teacher-child interaction, which is lacking in traditional physical courses. As a result, many parents are turning toward Indian tutors online to keep their children motivated.

When it comes to online tutoring, one might assume that parents have a small or no role to play once they are introduced to their Indian math tutor or tutors of other subjects. Since it takes place virtually, after school hours, many parents think that the tutoring program can be completed without any parental assistance. While it may sound true for certain online programs, many Indian tutors have designed their programs with parents in mind. A customised interactive program is much more than a textbook on a screen and requires more self-motivation and independent work than traditional, in-person classes or virtual content with no guidance.

Parental Support for the Student’s Online Learning

Open Communication - The ultimate goal of parental engagement in online learning is to improve communication and nurture trusting relationships with their children. Parents can help create a strong student-teacher relationship and provide other needed help when they are aware of what’s going on in the classroom.

Improve Self-motivation - As mentioned earlier, online classes for IGCSE elite class syllabus or other subjects come with great flexibility, which calls for more responsibility. Parents must encourage their children to be self-motivated and accountable when no one is looking over their shoulders. They must have an open conversation with their kids to learn about how well they are doing in their classes and encourage them to reach out to their teachers when they are struggling.

Student Progress - Parents have an integral role to play when it comes to their children’s time management and prioritization skills. They should keep track of their progress, deadlines and help them schedule the time wisely to make sure they are working on pace. 

Parental Involvement for a Better Student-Teacher Relationship

When choosing an online program, many parents worry about losing interactions with an actual teacher. But, when you enrol your kids in a quality virtual program, the online tutor actively engages with students via emails, group chats, forums, or discussion boards. As a parent, encourage your children to be in contact with their teacher throughout the course to maintain a better student-teacher relationship. When the students are in constant communication with their online tutor, they will help them create an action plan for their IB elite class syllabus or any other subjects to succeed.

Parental Involvement for Academic Integrity

Do you find your child trying an easy way out to complete his or her online assignment? You must openly discourage this kind of activity and teach him or her how to behave with integrity. When left unattended, it could lead to losing credits, being dropped from the class, and more.

The Bottom Line

Parents play a crucial role in a child’s academic growth and success. It’s your responsibility to offer the necessary support and encouragement to inspire positive thinking and reinforce their learning. Parental involvement is valuable and essentially important when you are choosing online tutoring for your children.

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