Online Tutoring Jobs in India

Benefits: Home based online tutoring job

  1. Flexibility: Timing of sessions are solely based on your availability and that of students.
  2. Rewarding : Part time online tutoring jobs helps you to monetise your time effectively.
  3. Work from anywhere operating own business.
  4. Web application to support you with interactive Whiteboard and recordings
  5. You get detailed financial report of your earnings.
  6. Oppurtunity for self improvement based on feedback and review.
  7. Minimun investment: Best online tutoring job in india with extra investment on a digital pen.


How to apply 

Register as a teacher and kick start the process to start online tuition from home.

Relevant qualifications and Prior experience in online tutoring are essential. Please email your latest resume to Edugraff, highlighting your strength in tutoring. The below points can be used as a reference. 


1. State briefly how you explain difficult topics effectively to students.

2. How much time do you utilise to summarise a topic?

3. What are the techniques used to keep the class busy and engaged throughout the session?

4. How do you encourage the students to think further after the session?

5. How do you manage to help with School work?

6. How do you assess students?

7. What techniques are used to encourage the students to ask more questions?


Here is a Guide to complete the registration as online teacher.

Technical requirements ( A good internet connection is essential)

  1. A broadband connection with a minimum of 256kbps of both upload and download bandwidth, but for optimal performance we recommend 1024kbps download speed and 512kbps upload speed.
  2. 1Ghz CPU (but 2Ghz with dual-core CPU recommended for optimal performance when using desktop sharing), with 512MB RAM.
  3. Digital pen tablet. Graphics tablets such as Wacom and Huion are supported
  4. Headset
  5. Click here to enable Chrome settings for Edugraff Whiteboard
  6. Click here to enable Firefox settings for Edugraff Whiteboard


How to start online tuition from Home: Best practices

A guide for teachers to start off as Online tutors and existing online tutors to explore their self development options, please refer to the Guide to Online tutoring : India. 


Features of the interactive whiteboard

A Guide 

Below are the main tools used on the interactive whiteboard. It is important to have a deeper understanding of the whiteboard to conduct classes effectively.

Registered users can practice the whiteboard on " Try whiteboard ' tab to get familiarised.


Select Tool

Use this tool to select a rectangular portion of the screen.

Text Tool

You can add notes using the text tool. Type characters you want. You can change the font, font size using the text tool.


Option to upload documents of the format. .doc, .xls, .ppt or .pdf) or image (.gif,.png, .jpg or .tiff).


Saves the current whiteboard state.


Clears the whiteboard.


Option to perform undo &redo.


Copy selected item(s) to clipboard.


Cut selected item(s) to clipboard.


Paste copied items into the whiteboard.


Delete selected item(s).


Option to crop uploaded image.


Prints the current whiteboard state.

Grid Lines

Displays a grid on the whiteboard.

Eraser Tool

Clear the contents in whiteboard.

Laser pointer

Laser pointer allows you to highlight areas on the whiteboard without making any permanent marks.

Text/line size

Drag the slider to change the current text/pen size.

Zoom Controls

You can zoom the page in or out.


  1. Draws freehand lines.
  2. Draws straight lines.
  3. Draws ovals and circles.
  4. Draws squares and rectangles.
  5. Fills an area with the current colour (click on the whiteboard to fill from that point).

Do not write excessively on a single page, move to the next page once the whiteboard is filled.

Please correct your system time.