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Tarra Sai Raman

About me

I maintain high degree of honesty and integrity. Have absolute clarity about my strengths, capabilities and commitments. Skilfully manage my emotions, impulses and resources. Have an open mind and flexibility in handling changes and new ideas. Work with cooperation and faith. Believe in providing best of the services to the best of my capability. My objective is to be as diverse as possible.

Hence in a nutshell my professional goal is simple - "To make an impact to every kid - doesn't matter what is his intelligence level to start with".

Academic qualifications


Experience and background

  • Prepare and deliver lectures to students on topics as per the syllabus of Chemistry & physics, supervise students’ laboratory work. 
  • Significantly enhancing classroom learning environment and acting as a Facilitator to promote student leadership in initiating and creating positive learning opportunities in the field of Chemistry.

Teaching Methodology

1.     State briefly how you explain difficult topics to students clearly?

We will make it easy to review the basics as well preparation of demonstration method

2.     How much time do you utilise to summarise a topic? How?

It will take approximately 10 minutes and we can summarise in the form of review questions

3.     What are the techniques to keep the Class busy and engaged throughout?

While making students use practical approach

4.     How do you enable / encourage the students to think further after the session?

While preparation innovative methods of teaching we can encourage

5.     What techniques do you use to encourage the students to ask more questions?

Using MCQ questions and drawings and charts


  • Experience in years :  14
  • Experience :  School Teacher. Tution Teacher. Online Teacher.
  • Specialization :  PHYSICS
  • Hourly Rates :   From ₹580.00 to ₹690.00
  • Location :  BANGALORE
  • Overall Rating :  
  • Subjects Handled :
Total 8 items.
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