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Gopinath Rongali

Teaches Mathematics

My name is R.Gopinath working as  JEE Program Director at a Junior college. I teach Physics and Mathematics for JEE, NEET and ISC . 

I did my Electrical Engineering from IIT Patna in the year 2013. Worked as an Engineer for 4 years and shifted to full time teahing in the year 2017 for my passion in teaching. 


My teaching methodology involves making the child think more rather han making it easy to imagine things. So I go by traditional methods intiially to make the child think if the child is not still able to understand I use images and animations to make the child understand. I first go with the conceptual understanding and then solving few questions on the concepts discussed. 



  • Experience in years :  3
  • Experience :  School Teacher. Online Teacher.
  • Specialization :  Physics , Math
  • Hourly Rate :   ₹630.00
  • Location :  Chikmagalur
  • Overall Rating :  
  • Subjects Handled :
    JEE MainXIMathematics
    JEE MainXIIMathematics
    JEE MainXIPhysics
    JEE MainXIIPhysics
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