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Bhavna Thadani

Teaches Mathematics

If there is anyone who is in a position to bring positive changes into the world everyday, its a TEACHER . I am a tutor, an enabler, an inspirer . Teaching is not just a profession for me, my aim is to build the personality of students so that they can face the challenges offered by this competitve world.

I focus on clearing the concept of students deeply rather than making them learn thousands of formulas. I represent the content in honest and accessible ways, to plan and conduct instructions, and to assess what students are learning.
I like associating all the content with live examples around you which makes it easier to understand the concept.
I believe smart studying is necessary rather than hard studying .



  • Experience in years :  6
  • Experience :  Tution Teacher. Online Teacher.
  • Specialization :  Maths
  • Hourly Rates :   From ₹695.00 to ₹750.00
  • Location :  Bilaspur
  • Overall Rating :  
  • Subjects Handled :
    VictoriaYear 5 / Year 6Mathematics
    GeneralGrade 9Mathematics
    VictoriaYear 4Mathematics
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